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we understand that our clients navigate a multitude of complex and dynamic challenges. As situations evolve, events unfold, opportunities emerge, and crises loom, we proactively anticipate, adapt and equip our clients to thrive in an ever-changing landscape.

Behavioral Insights
Creative & Brand Marketing
Crisis Communications
Digital Outreach & Advertising
Employee Engagement & Leadership Communications
ESG Reporting & Consulting
Executive Visibility
Media Relations
Reputation Management
Social Change
Strategic Communications
Behavioral Insights
Creative & Brand Marketing
Crisis Communications
Digital Outreach & Advertising
Employee Engagement & Leadership Communications
ESG Reporting & Consulting
Executive Visibility
Media Relations
Reputation Management
Social Change
Strategic Communications


Our advocacy strategy is simple yet powerful: deliver impactful and authentic messages to the right people, at the right moment to achieve success.
Whether it’s engaging stakeholders, shaping policies, or influencing public narratives, we tackle campaigns of all sizes and at every level of government with passion and expertise.

Build grassroots and grasstops support

Conduct targeted digital advocacy campaigns

Manage coalitions

Increase employee engagement in PAC

Shape media narratives

Engage key stakeholders

Behavioral Insights

Our team shifts communications from instincts to insights. Using data-driven behavioral science, we help clients identify and understand those they want to reach, explore the narratives driving engagement, and then positively influence what their target audiences think and do.

When we tell your story, we reach your audiences where they are, in a way that increases engagement and makes success achievable.

Identify and analyze audiences

Discover the narratives surrounding your issue

Persuasively tell your story

Directly and relevantly reach your audience

Nudge your audiences’ attitudes and behaviors

Change the narratives influencing your audience

Creative & Brand Marketing

Today, the lines between paid, owned and earned media continue to blur. Clients look to our copywriters, designers and video producers to help them tell compelling stories that resonate in a socially connected world.

We partner with businesses, nonprofits and other organizations to produce creative content that drives engagement. We have helped clients with everything from long form reports to comprehensive social media campaigns to short conversational videos.

Brand strategy and identity

Content creation

Infographic development

Long form and report design

Presentation development

Print production

Social media creative

UI/UX strategy

Video creation and production

Web design and development

Crisis Communications

The best crisis strategy is prevention, but when that’s not possible failure to respond quickly and effectively can damage brands and bottom lines.

Our crisis counselors bring experience, agility and a 24/7 intensity to crisis preparedness, response and reputation recovery. We identify vulnerabilities, develop strategic playbooks and execute crisis response plans through our certified Assess, Resolve and Control (ARC) process.

We help organizations communicate around product recalls, controversial regulatory matters, onerous legislative threats, labor challenges, litigation and more. Together, we help take back control, rebuild reputations and position organizations for future success.

Convening leaders for crisis intake sessions to assess issues and audiences

Enlisting third parties to provide credible outside voices

Developing crisis playbooks with strategies, messages, tactics and timelines

Coordinating Integrated campaigns with paid, earned, owned and shared channels

Conducting risk assessments and crisis simulations to identify vulnerabilities and practice responses

Recovering and strengthening reputations by shifting narratives

Digital Outreach & Advertising

An ever-growing list of digital platforms, tools and tactics means more and better options for engaging your audience – if you can navigate through the clutter.
That’s where we can help. We bring what’s most important into focus, creating a custom approach that’s guided by experience, data and creative firepower. Our team includes digital strategists, data analysts, advertisers, behavioral scientists, and social media mavens. We can empower you to engage the influencers who matter most, all while gathering meaningful insights about your audience and reputation.

Issue-based marketing

Next-generation campaign targeting

Insight-focused reporting

Digital advocacy

Multi-channel advertising

Sponsored content and publisher partnerships

Employee Engagement & Leadership Communications

The business landscape is rapidly changing, and so are the dynamics impacting the relationships between organizations and their team members. With a focus on employee engagement, leadership communications, behavioral science, and diversity, equity, and inclusion, our team brings a communications lens and campaign-style approach to building effective internal communications structures.

We support organizations with better understanding and communicating with their team members to build strong, resilient relationships in order to accomplish business objectives and provide more opportunity.

Craft effective messaging for internal and external audiences

Leverage internal audits and competitive intelligence to create agile internal communications models

Implement behavioral science-backed audience analysis and insights

Develop employee communications campaigns and programs for key issues and special moments

Conduct leadership communications and presentation training for key personnel

Proactively uplift employee voices through strategic storytelling

ESG Reporting & Consulting

To succeed, businesses need to stay ahead of evolving expectations from investors, employees, regulators, customers, advocacy groups and other stakeholders.
Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues are inextricably linked to the bottom line, and stakeholder perception can have a direct impact on a company’s value. We help clients manage these pressure points, mitigate risks and seize opportunities.

ESG reporting & disclosure

ESG strategy & programs

Materiality assessments

ESG goals & target development

Analyst inquiries & rankings (CDP, S&P CSA, ISS, MSCI, Sustainalytics, etc.)

Climate disclosure & communications

Social & environmental messaging & communications

Environmental program development

Strategic philanthropy & social impact program development

Employee communications & engagement

Social & political issues management

Stakeholders & NGO engagement

Executive Visibility

How and where your organization’s leaders show up in front of your audiences matters. Executives humanize a brand or industry voice around key issues, create relationships with stakeholders, drive culture and innovation, and ultimately strengthen reputation.

We work closely with clients to identify a unique, authentic and differentiated point of view for senior leaders that inspires perception change, new thinking, innovation and action. Our approach is grounded in research, benchmarking and best practices. We have experience working with leaders who range from Fortune 50 companies to leading non-profits and trade associations.

Develop executive personas and benchmarks

Craft key messages and talking points

Identify and secure media coverage

Vet and support speaking opportunities

Lead media and presentation trainings

Create an engagement strategy with key influencers and stakeholders

Media Relations

Information overload: it’s today’s status quo. To break through, we build relationships with the press to ensure both timing and angle is pitch-perfect. Our media team partners with clients to define goals, build strategies, and conduct media campaigns that have the maximum impact.
We provide comprehensive media services including strategy, story placement, opinion pieces, media tours, media training and interview prep, issue tracking and crisis management. This suite of media services is scalable to any client goal and need.


Thought leadership

Media training

Media outreach

Media analysis

Reputation Management

We know the vital role that a strong reputation plays in our clients’ success. Our team crafts tailored strategies to safeguard, manage, and enhance how the public perceives our clients and their work.

Our approach encompasses a range of strategies, including building media relationships, increasing executive visibility, and effectively handling crises. We prioritize proactive engagement with policymakers, customers, employees, investors, and other important audiences.

By focusing on what key audiences care most about and using authentic messages that convey our clients’ values, we ensure our clients are consistently viewed with trust and credibility.

Proactive communication, including earned, paid and social media

Crisis preparedness, communications and reputation repair

Stakeholder engagement

Executive visibility and thought leadership

Reputation monitoring

Employee advocacy

Social Change

We apply behavioral science to achieve behavior change and advance missions.

Whether you’re working to improve education outcomes, advance health equity, protect the environment, bridge the digital divide, our communication strategies can help you drive social change. We partner with leading foundations, associations, non-profits, government agencies and corporations to identify and understand their audiences, develop compelling narratives and deliver stories in ways that change hearts and minds.

Identify and understand key audiences

Analyze narratives and recommend compelling messages

Uncover powerful human truths through design thinking that inspire action

Engage audiences with powerful storytelling and content

Apply behavioral science to achieve change

Strategic Communications

We build effective communications programs with a campaign-style approach. We combine deep research, message development, traditional media relations, social media, paid media, and content generation to reach and influence your most important audiences.

Whether you need to drive policy outcomes, burnish your organization’s reputation, or change hearts and minds, our team has the communications skill, political acumen, and the latest data and research capabilities to accomplish your goals.

Campaign planning & message development

Audience identification & mapping

“War Room” rapid-response team

Surround-sound communications & content creation

Measurement & reporting

Climate Change & Environment
Diversity & Inclusion
Financial Services
Climate Change & Environment
Diversity & Inclusion
Financial Services

Climate Change & Environment

Climate change is one of the major issues impacting the world with consequences for every company.
VOX Global has expertise in helping companies manage and mitigate the risks and realize the opportunities tied to a changing climate and environment.

Climate Disclosure & Reporting

Strategic Communications & Thought Leadership

Assessing Regulatory Changes

Stakeholder & NGO Engagement

Energy Transition & Decarbonization Positioning

Diversity & Inclusion

Whatever the situation, your reputation as an engaged, diverse and welcoming employer directly affects your business. We help clients communicate diversity, equity and inclusion strategies and programs and find their authentic voice on the issues that matter.

Companies face rising pressure to take a stand when diversity, inclusion and equality are at stake. Whether a specific crisis requires you to engage with employees internally or you seek to strengthen your organization’s overall reputation externally, cultural competence and awareness is the foundation for successful communication.

We bring our expertise in reputation management to the often nuanced and complex diversity and inclusion landscape. We meet clients where they are—beginning, underway, stalled or successful and ready to achieve more—and help them more effectively communicate their efforts to create a society where everyone belongs.

Program development and strategy

Executive positioning & thought leadership

Annual diversity & inclusion reporting

Talent recruitment & retention

Policy & advocacy

Media & crisis communications


Education is at the center of stronger communities, a competitive national economy and a skilled workforce.
We work with major foundations, systems, institutions, think tanks, economic development groups and more to help advance their missions. From Pre-K through higher education, we help education innovators reach and move their most important audiences.

Strategic communications and media relations

Digital advocacy and social media

Parent, teacher and influencer engagement


Perhaps more than any other industry, energy companies are subject to one of the most complex webs of legal, regulatory and communications challenges that cross local, state and federal lines.
We work with both renewable and traditional energy clients to improve reputations, mitigate risk and capitalize on opportunities.

Design and implement strategies to navigate public policy and political challenges

Develop messages that resonate with important interests and audiences

Engage target audiences with social, earned and paid media

Build relationships with influential stakeholders, mobilize allies and quiet the opposition

Ensure policymakers hear from persuasive voices when making important decisions, whether they are at home, in state capitals and in Washington, DC.

Financial Services

Innovation and disruption are at the center of today’s financial services industry. Incumbents compete with each other as well as with tech companies.
The rapid growth and continued volatility of cryptocurrencies has also raised fundamental questions about how to define assets and balance stability and innovation. Whether it’s policy debates, litigation congressional investigations or reputational threats, we have the expertise to help financial services clients break through and tell their story in this complex and evolving landscape.

Retail banking and payments

Fintech, financial innovation and cryptocurrency

Investing and impact investing

M&A, antitrust and financial transactions

Short term lending and consumer financial products

Financial literacy and consumer education


Whether the conversation is about accessibility and affordability or about equity and quality, countless voices across the healthcare ecosystem are weighing in. It can be difficult to make your voice heard.
Our team has a wide range of healthcare experience from Capitol Hill, the private sector, trade associations, nonprofits and the White House that we bring to bear to not just shape the healthcare conversation, but to influence its outcome.

Issue and policy advocacy

Message development and media relations

Corporate reputation and executive thought leadership

Health equity

Influencer identification and engagement

Change the narratives influencing your audience


Our clients are powering the future and providing businesses and consumers with solutions to improve operations, enhance their lives and reach their full potential.
At a time when skepticism of technology, innovation and global supply chains is a bipartisan threat, we help our clients tell their stories, ensure that policy enables their innovations and we help drive their engagement with consumers, policymakers and other businesses.

Communicating around privacy and security

Telling stories about manufacturing and global supply chains

Positioning enterprise technology with customers and stakeholders

Shaping coverage of artificial intelligence and emerging technologies

Helping clients manage cybersecurity incidents

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