Helping a High Profile Tech Company Navigate a Data Breach

In 2014, a Silicon Valley-based digital communications company contacted VOX on a Sunday afternoon after discovering a long-standing data compromise on their network.

The Challenge

Speed Matters

When a data breach occurs, speed is everything. While the technical experts and forensics teams worked to protect customers, intellectual property and limit further access, our team worked with the organization to quickly develop essential communications to ensure that key employees and stakeholders had the information they needed to take steps to mitigate further cyber threats and reputational risk.


The Solution


Building a Team and Honing the Message

Over several days, our team worked with the internal crisis team, including the CEO, CTO, corporate communications and legal teams, to triage, diagnose and engage around the breach. This included drafting key messaging, identifying messengers and platforms, planning stakeholder notifications and finalizing media strategy, with particular attention given to legal obligations and timing.


Engaging Stakeholders & Communicating With Clients

After assessing the extent and nature of the infiltration, our team offered guidance on what technical details disclosures should include in order to strike a balance between allaying clients’ doubts and avoiding excessive detail that might inhibit security against any future breach attempt.

Our team then advised the company on how to tailor its communications with specific clients, based on how each was impacted by the breach. Our team helped ensure that disclosures to clients not only addressed immediate concerns in a timely, informative way but also aligned with the company’s respective regulatory and contractual obligations. Furthermore, our team also determined which mediums (email, blog, press release, etc.) would be most appropriate for each of the company’s diverse array of clients.

The Results

Crisis Averted

The carefully managed approach taken by our client resulted in overwhelmingly positive feedback from both customers and reporters regarding the company’s astute and calculated approach to managing the content and flow of communications in the midst of a crisis.

Team Members

James Baril_2
James Baril


Corey Elons_2
Corey Ealons

Senior Partner

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Sam Fabens


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