Are You All-in 4 Pre-K?

Indiana is one of only 8 states in the nation without a pre-k program for low-income students. So United Way of Central Indiana enlisted our team to help expand their grassroots campaign to help push for the expansion of an existing state-funded pre-k pilot program, which would help serve an additional 7,000 children from low-income families annually.

The Challenge

Backed With the Facts

Research demonstrates that pre-k leads to early school success and provides long-term educational benefits across all race and income groups. And a recent study in Indiana found that pre-k funding reaps a $4 return on every $1 spent through increased lifetime earnings for pre-k participants and savings on special education, remediation and crime. 

United Way believes in the power of early education to create better educational outcomes and fuel economic development in Indiana, and it’s committed to expanding access to high quality pre-k programs for Hoosier families and their littlest learners.


The Solution

Parents Speak Out

We partnered with United Way’s state teams to help organize a special grassroots and press event during the Indiana General Assembly’s annual Advocacy Day. Parents and leaders from the business community rallied over 300 pre-k advocates and influencers from all across Indiana before a key hearing on the Senate’s pre-k bill. We also coordinated testimony from community members during the rally.

The Results

A Win for Students and Parents

The event earned coverage with nearly all media outlets with a presence at the Indiana Statehouse including over 385 print articles published and 138 broadcast hits in key markets around the state.

The General Assembly voted to double the state’s investment in pre-k from $12 million to $22 million, ensuring that more children living in poverty will have a strong start to education.

Team Members

Emily Sandberg_2
Emily Sandberg

Senior Vice President

Mike Marker_2
Michael Marker

Managing Director

Charlee Beasor_2
Charlee Beasor

Senior Vice President

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