Decisions that impact your mission and business are being made at all levels of government. If you and your allies are not advocating for your viewpoint, who will?

At VOX Global, we shape policies that positively impact society and advance our clients objectives. Our campaigns influence policymakers by strategically delivering your message where and when it matters most.

One-Stop Shop

Our team is comprised of former White House staffers, reporters, advocacy group leaders, campaign managers, and Hill staffers from both sides of the aisle. Our nimble size and cross-sector experience mean we’re equipped with the knowledge and the tools to tackle nearly any issue from all angles. With a customized approach tailored to each need, we identify and target stakeholders with speed and precision.

Scaling Advocacy

We cultivate advocates, engage influential voices in the community, and develop authentic partnerships with diverse groups to amplify your messages. Whether the campaign is local or global in scale, we provide the campaign expertise to ensure quick and effective mobilization of public support.

Amplifying Your Reach

From creating employee engagement to generating buzz through events, we effectively reach the audiences that matter most to your cause, wherever they are. We ensure your story is told through the proper channels to reach audiences and move them from awareness to action.

Team Members

Lizanne Sadlier_2
Lizanne Sadlier


Tim Brown_2
Tim Brown

Senior Vice President

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