Mobilizing Event Attendees to Action for Charles Schwab

Charles Schwab’s annual, invite-only IMPACT conference brings together thousands of investment advisors. In November 2013, attendees gathered in Washington DC to discuss investment best practices and industry issues.

IMPACT 2013 presented Charles Schwab with an opportunity to call their community to action. But with a packed agenda, how do you mobilize busy people to take the time to contact their members of Congress?

The Challenge

Activating Quickly and Easily

Our team created a mobile-friendly microsite just for the event, complete with a tool for conference attendees to email Congress. Upon arrival, all IMPACT2013 attendees received a personalized email with a secure custom link to the site. We pre-populated the site with each attendee’s contact information to automatically match him or her to the appropriate congressional district. Attendees were able to take action with two quick finger taps on their mobile device and their message was immediately delivered to their specific members of Congress.

Getting People on Board

The technology was only one half of the puzzle. The other half was creating a sense of urgency. Conferences offer a space to promote calls-to-action in the physical world. We set up a booth with digital signage to explain the issue and show how many conference attendees were taking action to spur others on.

We coordinated with conference organizers to promote the issue from the podium multiple times during plenary sessions. In the campaign’s most compelling moment, former Senator Olympia Snowe, a guest speaker at the conference, encouraged attendees to raise their voice on regulatory issues.

From a meeting to a movement

The Solution

From a Meeting to a Movement

It worked. Attendees responded and got involved — a first at the Schwab IMPACT Conference. The VOX solution drove a 16 percent mobilization rate – a rate higher than the typical 1-3 percent range for mobilizations. The result? Nearly one thousand messages were sent to Capitol Hill in a span of just a few days. Schwab now possesses a strong base of advocates for future activation.

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Team Members

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Kate Harris

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