Liz Shumpert

Account Supervisor, Video Production Manager

Liz is a motion graphics designer, video editor, animator and graphic designer on the VOX Global digital team based in Washington, DC. With a lifelong passion for design and illustration, Liz enjoys bringing multiple tools in the creative fields together to tell compelling stories and create visually appealing graphics and videos that capture audiences’ attention.

Liz has worked on accounts across our client base, bringing different skills to the table to support a broad range of campaigns tailored to the nuances of each sector, audience and goal. From the initial conversation to the final product, Liz works with clients and internal experts on our team to develop each video or design around the foundations of the brand and key messaging.

Prior to joining VOX, Liz studied film, design, and neuroscience at American University, resulting in a Bachelor of Arts degree in Film & Media Arts from the School of Communication. Liz maintains a passion for the sciences and technical subjects, finding satisfaction in deeply understanding complicated topics and translating them into the universally accessible language of design.

When not immersed in this team’s video projects, Liz spends her spare time studying languages, exploring the city and nearby nature, and doing freelance animation work and video jockeying (VJing) within the DC music scene.

(703) 434-1860
Location - Washington, D.C.

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